My music program is grounded in the methods of Zoltan Kodaly and Carl Orff.  Kodaly and Orff were both well-known 20th Century composers who also cared a great deal about educating children about music.  Their ideas have led to the formation of two methodologies:  The Kodaly Method and The Orff Method.  Our program uses these  methods together as a foundation, along with any other educational practices that will best serve the music students.

The main goals of our music program are to develop musicianship and music literacy and foster a lifelong love of many kinds of music.  To this end, we take a sequential approach, working on specific rhythmic and melodic patterns in each grade and always building on what the students already know.  More detail can be found on the pages under the menu: “Curriculum.”  Singing is a very important part of our curriculum.  Any musician, whether a singer or instrumentalist, should know how to sing well.  It helps to develop the ear, a sense of phrasing, and puts a musician closer to the music.  If they can sing a piece of music, they can “sing” it on their instrument as well.

Orff used speech and rhythmic ideas along with specialized instruments to help advance the music education of children.

We also learn to play several different instruments.  Click to find out more information about:  RecorderKeyboardClarinetChorus, and Orff Instrumental Ensemble.


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