4th Grade

In 4th Grade, we continue to build upon the music literacy and music skills that were part of the earlier grades.  We engage in more challenging ensemble work Orff Instrumentsusing Orff instruments and recorders.  Students continue to develop their singing voices and work on singing in parts.  Also, we take part in a program offered by Carnegie Hall called “Link-Up.”

Link-Up Carnegie HallLink-Up is a fantastic program we will work on throughout the year, culminating in our attending a live, interactive concert at Carnegie Hall.  The program has a minimal cost for all that the students receive.  They learn to use the Recordersoprano recorder and receive one recorder for home and one for school.  They receive student guide that provides activities to enhance their music reading and writing skills and also helps them learn about the composers/artists we are learning about.  Best of all, in May, they get to attend the Link-Up concert at Carnegie Hall!  I began using this program in 2004 and the students get very excited to prepare for the trip and also take part in the concert by singing and playing along with the orchestra.


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