Carnegie Hall “Link-Up”

In 4th grade, we participate in the Carnegie Hall “Link-Up” program.  Each year, Carnegie Hall opens this wonderful opportunity to learn about composers and their music through singing, learning the recorder, and attending an interactive concert.  I began involving my students in “Link-Up” in 2004 and have continued every year since.

This year’s (2013-2014) theme is “THE ORCHESTRA SINGS”!    This is a lot of fun, but it is also hard work.  You will be learning to sing songs, play the recorder, read music, and you will learn about the instruments of the orchestra.   Carnegie Hall has a great online resource that you help you prepare for this trip.  Just click and go to their Online Resource Center.  Register with your e-mail and start using the site.  In music class, I will show you ways to use it at home.  Below is more information and links about the composers and the pieces we will learn and hear.

Meet the Composers:

Thomas Cabanas

Thomas Cabaniss: “Come to Play” & “To Make Words Sing”

Thomas Cabaniss is the host of “Link-Up” and also the composer of “Come to Play” and “To Make Words Sing”.  You will see him at the concert in May!

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