Chorus: P.S. 126 (5th Grade)

The P.S.Image result for elementary chorus cartoon 126 Chorus is made up of 5th grade students.  We began in the 2016/2017 school year.  The chorus meets once per week, on Fridays, as two separate classes.  We learn the same repertoire and come together for a concert in the  winter and the spring.

Spring Concert 2017:

Uno, Dos Y Tres by Rafael Ortiz (arr. by Carlos Abril)

Good Night (By Dmitri Kabalevsky; arr. by Doreen Rao) 

Graduation Song: “Home” by Phillip Phillips and PS22 Chorus (5th Grade) doing “Home”

Winter Concert 2016:

5th Grade Choristers  (Chorus Students):

Let’s have an amazing concert this winter.  Here’s what you can do in between chorus classes: watch the videos of our 3 songs and practice, practice, practice!!!!


O, Desayo

Can You Hear Me?

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