Chorus: MAT CHORUS (Middle School)

Chorus PosterWelcome to the MAT Chorus page!  

The MAT Chorus, directed by Craig McGorry, is made up of students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  We meet by grade for one period each on Fridays.  At various times throughout the year, we will come together and meet as a whole chorus.

The goals of the chorus include:

  • To sing with others in a group and enjoy the awesome feeling that creates!
  • To develop (as much as possible in a once per week class) the ability to read music notation.
  • To experience, through singing, the music of many styles and cultures, including traditional choral music, music of various world cultures, and folk and pop music.
  • To perform in concerts during the year (But, remember, the journey is always more valuable than one performance will ever be).



I will be updating this page throughout the year, including adding links to
videos and audio files.  You can also contact me through this page by submitting your contact info and a message.

  1. you so luck you work with chorus they sing so nice tell mr.hernandez that i told you that mr.mcg its katelynn and manny
    this time

  2. Thanks. Hi Katelynn and Manny. See you tomorrow.

  3. did you tell mr hernandez yett?????

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