Video & Audio Clips for MAT Chorus

Spring Concert 2017:

Spring is here!

“The Dreamkeeper” (text by Langston Hughes; arr. Rollo Dilworth)

“Oye” (by Jim Papoulis; ed. by Francisco Nunez) – LYRICS to “OYE” by Jim Paploulis

“Yonder Come Day” – Based on the Traditional Georgia Sea Island Spiritual (Additional words, music, and arr. by Judith Cook Tucker)

“Let It Be” – A live version when Paul McCartney was in his early 70s!  (And still sounding great)

“Symphony” by Clean Bandit




Winter Concert 2016:

In order to have the best sound as a chorus, it’s very important to practice outside of class.  Here are some video links that you can watch and practice with to get ready for our winter concert:

“Dear Theodosia” (From Hamilton): This version is the one I’ve shown in class.  It has the original cast singing (Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr and Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton).  And, it also has the lyrics, to help you memorize the song.

“Ms. Gallo”:  This version is in 4 parts, but we may only be able to sing it in 2-parts (since we only meet once per week).  However, you can practice singing your part along with this recording and you can practice the movement as well.

“Hine ma Tov”: This is a version by the Hawaiin Youth Chorus.  They have a great sound, so I thought I’d share this one with you.  We will add the clap during the “lai, lai, lai” parts.  Choirs of all ages sing this song.  Here’s a version of my son singing it when he was in 3rd grade and in a chorus camp.  (He’s the boy in the middle in the back row.  He’s now in high school though!).

“Day-o: The Banana Boat Song”: This is the Jamaican folk song made famous by Harry Belafonte in the 1950s.  For fun, here’s the clip from the movie Beetlejuice.

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