Fun Stuff

Music Memory Matching Game – This is a very cool matching game.  You click on a card and it shows you a musical symbol.  Then, you have to find the matching symbol.  Test your memory in a fun way!

Piggy’s Music Lessons – This is a fun way to learn more about music.  One game plays two notes and you have to choose which note is higher or lower.  Another one asks you to put the note in the correct spot on the staff.

Piggy Saves the Music video game — The school’s musical instruments have been stolen by aliens.  Piggy must get them back and defeat the aliens!  Come and play.

SFS Kids – Learn more about the orchestra by browsing the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra site.

  1. Hi mr mcgorry I miss u a lot I had u in third or second grade now I’m moving into 7th I want to thank u for teaching me so much it’s helped me make it to the top unfortunately I moved to New Jersey my name is Adelyn I had ms.lee for first grade wel you probably don’t remember me but it was worth the try send me an email if u do

    • Hi Adelyn,
      I remember you! Wow. So nice to hear from you. Thanks for writing. And you are in 7th grade now? Time is moving! I’m teaching in Chinatown now. It’s closer to where I live, which is why I left PS35. I’m teaching pre-K to 4th grade music and also 6th, 7th, and 8th grade chorus.

      I hope you are enjoying NJ. I know it can be tough to move. I moved a lot as a kid. Thanks again for writing.

      Mr. McGorry

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