Soprano Recorder

Students begin learning the soprano recorder in 3rd grade at PS126/MAT.  There learning is connected to singing and solfege using Conversational Solfege and the Kodaly method.  In 4th grade, students prepare for the Carnegie Hall “Link-Up” concert in May.  “Link-Up” is an interactive performance for students in 3rd through 5th grade.  A curriculum is provided and students learn the repertoire.  At the concert, they interact with the orchestra at various points, playing recorder and/or singing along with selections.

Do you want to see how a recorder is made?  Here is a 5 minute video on YouTube showing you how!

I have created some instructional videos about playing the recorder.  Check a few of them out on my YouTube site:  Recorder Intro, All Through the Night, Yangtze River,  Sioux Lullaby.

Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart (Press a note and see and hear how it is played on the recorder)

Listen to (and watch) some incredible recorder players, such as Horacio Franco and Daphna Mor.

In January 2012, recorder virtuoso Horacio Franco performed at our school (PS 35x).  It was a great concert where he performed the music of Bach and Vivaldi along with a violinist and a harpsochordist (who may have even been Bach himself!).   Click here for a video of Franco playing recorder.

Daphna Mor is a great recorder player who plays the recorder in various styles of music.  Check out her website for recorder music and more information about her.




Students and Parents:  You can contact me about recorder-related matters by filling out the contact form below, which will send me your message directly.


  1. Christian Romero 4th grade M.M.

    I just learn hot cross buns and and are we sopost to learn all of the songs

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