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The Kodaly Envoy: “Weaving Jazz and Blues Into Your Kodaly Curriculum Part 1”

January 2012

Issue of KONY NEWS:  KONYNEWSvol24no2 

I wrote an article in this about attending the OAKE Eastern Division Conference in November 2011.  Below is a quote from the article.  You can click the link above for the full issue:

“…conference ideas and promises to our pedagogical selves can
also be a little like New Year’s resolutions. They fade the farther we get from midnight
as the dawn approaches and we settle back into familiar routines.
The key, as many of us know, is to use a few ideas as quickly as possible. Putting them
into practice with students is the adhesive that binds them to our curriculum for the
long run.” (Quote from my article “From the Conference to the Classroom: OAKE Eastern Division 2011” appearing in KONY News, Volume 24, NO. 2 — Link above)


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